Saturday, June 23, 2012


Are prophecies things to become true in the future? Is there a way to avoid them? What is the reason for prophecies?

No, Prophecies are not things that must happen, but things that might happen! Yes, we can change the future. The reason of them is to tell us where we are going to if we do not change.

A prophecy is a warning about something that should happen if we fail to do our task as human beings, as the superior creature of the planet. We are supposed to be a lot better than animals, but… Are we? SELDOM!

We can see on the “modern” news many acts of barbarians. It seems that evolution is not working in the human sphere! Technology is getting better and better, but we are getting more and more violent. We lack respect for other beings, including humans. We love wars even if we say we look for peace. We talk above love and we get really angry with those we say we love, sometimes we really offend them. There are many facts telling us SOMETHING IS REALLY WRONG ON THIS SO CALLED CIVILIZATION!

Anyway, the point is WE ARE FAILING AS HUMAN BEINGS! We did not learn to love and care for others. We think of ourselves all the time and we do not care about other beings. First it is me, then me and finally me. We are selfish 100%!

We were not created to hate other beings, but to help them and love them. All cultures said we were in a Golden Age and we are now in the Iron Age: THE AGE OF DARKNESS!

So, prophecies are telling us to change the direction, but we are fighting to continue the same way. Well, if a boat goes to a water fall and it does not change its direction then sooner or later will get into it and the prize will be horrible.

WE ALL CAN CHANGE THE ROUTE OF OUR VOYAGE; WE ALL CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. The problem is: Most of the people are not interested in a change because they think they are fine, but guest what…. WE ALL ARE GOING IN THE SAME BOAT!

Whoever thinks “THAT IS NOT MAY PROBLEM” is in a big problem and it is helping the boat to go in the same direction. This is a problem that must concern everyone. This is not a matter of believes or dogmas. Let’s forget our difference and let’s unify by love and comprehension. Stop thinking of yourself all the time and think of those who need help. There are many tears and not too much tolerance and understanding.

This is the XXI century, but we are like cave men! No, it is not the technology the answer to all our problems. It can help, but the most important thing is: YOU MOST BECOME HUMAN!

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