The Mayas had a great civilization and a science that some people are comparing to our modern science. Why? Well, they had a very sophisticated and precise calendar, when England was a small village the Mayas had those great pyramids and cities, they knew that our solar system moves around the central sun of the galaxy and much more!

Aztecs built their great Tenochtitlan (See picture) on top of a lake! That is TEXCOCO’s lake. Mexico City, whit all those buildings, are on top of that lake! How did the Aztecs could do that?

Yes, Mexico has many great places and great civilizations were in its lands: Mayas, Aztecs, Toltecs, Olmecs, etc.

The ancient Aztecs said: There will not be a greater civilization than Mexico, Tenochtitlan!

One of the Aztec codex say Quetzalcoatl (Kukulcan for Mayas) only asks for flowers, butterflies, and serpents. It does not say anything about human sacrifices. So, where did they get that idea?

Huemac was a Toltec priest married to some sorceress. They pushed him to implement the human sacrifices. So he started that practice.

When the Spaniards came the Aztec were doing those human sacrifices. But they were not part of the original teachings of the Toltec and Aztecs.

Human sacrifices were a symbolic way to describe a spiritual process of purification. Why were they taking the enemies’ heart out? Why were they beheading people?

Well, actually it is really simple to explain. First let’s remember the glorious cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. What does it have to do with this? Saint Denis has not head on top of his shoulders, but it is on his hands. His face is calmed and two angels are watching at him. Remember David and Goliath? Well, David beheads Goliath; Judith did that to Holofernes (See picture) and John the Baptist was beheaded too! Coincidence? Actually all cultures around the world have this myth. Remember Perseus and the Medusa? Kaly in India has a necklace of heads. A belt with two interesting figures was found in the tomb of LORD OF SIPAN, Peru. Those figures had a man with a TUMI, a human sacrifice knife. The tumi is in one hand and he has a head on the in the other hand. Moreover, that man has a necklace of heads! We can continue telling how others cultures had this symbol; but the matter is its meaning.

It is so sad how people take symbols, myths and parables so literal. How can they think so superficial? How is it possible that a great civilization as the Mayas were able to do something like that in a literal way? There are many things that you cannot interpret in a literal way: Dreams, for example. Sometimes a simple sentence: “It is raining dogs and cats.” How someone can interpret that in a literal way? It is not possible; we all know that it means: It is raining a lot! Nothing else but that!

Just understand that point and then you are able to understand this: Symbols, metaphors, myths, parables, dreams, etc. cannot be interpreted in a literal way. If you do then you make a big mistake!

So, let’s get into the meaning of human sacrifices.
We are finding now how powerful the brain is. There are several articles about THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. Many people do not know that law is not new. Buddha said you will become whatever you think. Many philosophers spread this idea. Now in the 21st century modern people think they invented it; but it is not so.

What does it have to do with HUMAN SACRIFICES? Simple, who is the one to be sacrificed? YOU! Yes, you must be sacrificed in order to have a better life. Who? YOU!

How is this? Well, we have many NEGATIVE THOUGHTS. All philosophers taught this fact. This idea is found in mythology too! Yes, many myths talk about this point? Remember MEDUSA. Yes, from the Greeks’ myths: Perseus and Medusa! Well, how was Medusa? Cute? Not at all. She is depicted as a woman with a snake’s body (The negative serpent of the Garden, in the Bible). Her head was full of snakes. What those snakes mean? They are our negative thoughts! All those are NEGATIVE THOUGHTS: Revenge, hatred, pessimism, war, destruction, etc.
How can we control ourselves if we cannot control our mind? That is the main point of all ancient traditions. The Bhagava Gita, Buddha’s’ philosophy and all cultures teach the control of the mind. One technique is MEDITATION. That is why all cultures knew about meditation.

Meditation is a technique to relax your body and your mind to control your thoughts and change your life. That is the main objective of YOGA. That is why it is so important to learn those techniques.

The matter or goal of the human sacrifices is to behead Medusa (The negative thoughts) to have POSITIVE THOUGHTS and therefore a better life!
Well, it is said they were taking out human hearts too. What is that meaning? Human hearts are the symbol of emotions. A regular person has negative emotions. Those emotions drive any person into anger, sadness, depression and more. So to be happy you need positive emotions, not just positive thoughts. So, you must take your own heart out from yourself, which is the same to say: you must take you negative emotions out to have positive emotions.

Obviously when you change your thoughts to be more positive then you change your emotions. So, instead of negative emotions (revenge, hatred, pessimism, war, destruction, etc.) you will have POSITIVE EMOTIONS!

This is the main objective of life! How can you be happy is you are full of negative thoughts and negative emotions?

The problem was: Aztecs were pushed by Huemac into LITERAL human sacrifices rituals. So, instead of sacrificing his thoughts and emotions he made wars to sacrifice “physically” the enemies.

Now we can understand the BALL GAME of the Mayas. By the way, remember the real elite of the Mayas were gone when the Spaniards came. They found the Aztecs practicing those literal and horrible human sacrifices.

Do not blame the Mayas for that!


We can see this kind of sacrifices in different cultures. As I said before all these sacrifices were symbolic, they were teachings as the parables in the Bible or any myth. Moreover, we can find different tales in the Bible about prophets sacrificing their children, one of them is Abraham who was supposed to sacrifice Isaac, his son. Nevertheless, Isaac was rescue by the Lord who sent a ream or lamb to be sacrificed instead.

Let's remember for example Perseus rescuing Andromeda. She had to be sacrificed to the Kraken to avoid the punishment. Yes, she was virgin. Please check my post about Perseus and Andromeda on GREEK HEROES AND GODS (Link on the bottom).

In the glorious MAHABHARATA (The great India) the son of Arjuna, ABHIMANYU, is sacrificed to destroy a disk. He was only a kid, but without his sacrifice the Pandavas could had been killed.

We could bring other examples, but it is enough. Let's see what this could mean.

Virginity was taken very seriously in ancient times. Nevertheless, there are two types of virginity the one which is physical and the one which is spiritual. The first one can be lost sooner or later, the latter could be or not.

Virginity and children are symbols of purity. Let's remember that it is said only virgins were able to touch an unicorn. Unicorns used to be depicted as white horses with a horn on the head. In this XXI century, the age of darkness, people like the color black (Symbol of darkness). This is the reason why the original Batman used to be grey and blue and now it is darker. Something similar happened to others heroes in modern time. Because of these now they paint black unicorns.

So, virginity, children and "white" unicorns represent purity, and innocence. So, what the sacrifice of a virgin or children means? Let's ask this backward: Why we cannot sacrifice whatever is not pure? Simple: Only the pure sacrifice brings results. In other words: The virgin or the children are mere symbols of a virtue that a person must have. That virtue is a pure heart or a pure purpose, at the end it is love, pure love.

Sacrifice is done by a person full of love. This is why all the great heroes fought so bravely, because of love. That is why there is a maid as a price, but it was not a woman, the maid represents love, a pure heart full of love.

When love exists there is neither fear nor doubt, but pure action far from selfishness. In the Bhagavad Gita (The song of the Lord) KRISHNA, the great Avatar from India, speaks about this in a marvelous way to Arjuna. He explains the need to do the duties without attachment, without looking reward. The great Master speaks about renunciation of the fruits of action, about doing what you have to do not because you will get something worthy; but because of pure love. It could be nice to write about the ancient wisdom of India and Asia.