How can we forget about the creation of men and forget the serpent? It is not possible because the origin of everything is the serpent (The energy).

So, in one way or another, the serpent is related to the Creation in all myths of ancient cultures. It is important to understand the meaning of the serpent if we want to understand the meaning of the Creation's myths. We need to understand that Mayas and other cultures did not worshiped the animal, but the symbol (Power, Energy, Wisdom). The serpent (sound, whichi is energy, moves like waves) is the marvelous energy which created the universe! It is really imporant to read the meaning of the serpent to understand these myths properly.

They tell a story where man was created and then, after some time, woman was created. She was named “Ocean.” She was sent to live with the first man. He was always with a staff.  One day he left the staff alone with the first woman. He warned her not to touch the staff. But, as you can imagine, she did. Then the staff became a serpent which bit her and she died. She started to swell and finally she exploded and from her all living creatures came to life. So, everything came out to life from “Ocean.”
It is interesting to note how woman and serpent started all things. Science knows very well that everything came out from the ocean, just as the Bible says (In the beginning the Earth was empty, only darkness, the waters and the spirit were there)
Amazingly, different cultures make this relationship between the first woman and the ejection from the paradise or a great city! The question is… why?

Ometecuhtli (Lord Two or Two God) and Omecihuatl (Lord Two’s wife) crated the first man TLAKE NAHUAKE, which means “Close and together” because he was close and together with Ometecuhtli. But no other person was there. Tlake Nahuake was living alone on the planet. One day he saw a field of beautiful flowers. They were amazingly beautiful. He got five of them; the most beautiful he saw! He felt love for the pretty flowers and he went to sleep putting them on his chest.

OMETEOTL (Ometecuhtli and Omesihuatl) saw how much love Tlake Nahuake had for those flowers. So, they took those five flowers and, from them, they made a woman called MAKUIL XOCHITL (Five flowers) and when the first man came back from the world of dreams saw the first woman and they loved each other. As you think, eventually they were eject from the Garden.

MAKUIL XOCHITL, Five flowers, represents the five virtues (According to the Aztecs) that all women are supposed to have: GRACE, TENDERNESS, MOTHERHOOD, ABNEGATION AND MODESTY.


The Popol Vuh the great book of the Maya-Quiche from Guatemala tells the Creation in a very similar way the Bible does!

It was nothing at all, according to the Popol Vuh, but the water, tranquility and “SILENCE.”  Only the Creator, the Maker, Tepeu and Gucumatz were there surrounded with light! They came together and said: “Let’s put together our thoughts and “WORDS” and we will not be happy till Man is created.

So, the silence was broken and they started to create everything with their “WORDS”: earth, plants, animals, and so on. The Bible says: “In the beginning it was the Word and THE WORD WAS GOD…” Then the Bible tells how the Word created everything until the first man was created.

Tepeu and Gucumatz created some men (From mod, from wood), but they were not good because they could not say their names. This is really interesting! It is telling us that some men were destroyed before the known men or modern men were created. Maybe telling us about people from Lemuria and Atlantis! They forgot the wisdom at the end of their time, it means, they forgot the name of the gods, they could not speak the name of the gods.

These men were different; they were made from white and yellow corn. We know CORN was sacred for Mayas and Aztecs. These were sacred people without mistakes (Like Adam and Eve) and able to speak their names. That means able to speak with the gods as Adam and Eve did when they were in the Garden.

We know the first woman came out after these men, as Eve came out after Adam. But, not just that. The first woman came out when those men were sleeping. Coincidence? Well, let’s remember the Aztec myth (Please read above): TLAKE NAHUAKE as sleeping when Ometeotl created MAKUIL XOCHITL, the first woman.
One more point: do you know what Tepeu Gucumatz means?

We can see, so far, that the POPOL VUH is very similar to the story of Genesis in the Bible. Actually it is the same, but in another way.

 Some similarities: The planet was empty, only water and darkness was in the beginning. Only the Creator or the Maker was at that moment. Everything was created by the WORD.  

On the Bible the Creator is called THE WORD. Let’s remember John: In the beginning it was the WORD and THE WORD WAS GOD AND EVERYTHING WAS DONE BY THE WORD AND WITHOUT IT NOTHIG COULD HAD BEEN DONE!

On the POPOL VUH the Creator is TEPEU GUCUMATZ, what is that?


What is the difference between the WORD and Tepeu Gukumatz? This needs a good explanation. Please pay attention:

TEPEU means sovereign.

GUKUMATZ   comes from q'uq' and kumatz (Mayan words). The first one is the name given to the QUETZAL (See picture), a bird which plumes are blue, green and red. Kumatz means snake or serpent. So GUKUMATZ is a serpent which has blue, green and red feathers. QUETALCOATL comes from Quetzal and coatl (serpent).

The blue color represents SKY (The spiritual level or heaven). The green color is nature. The red color is FIRE! The celestial fire which spoke to Moses (The burning bush).

TEPEU GUKUMATZ is the Plume Serpent! The same KUKULCAN Maya or  QUETZALCOAT for Aztecs or the DRAGON of China!

Why a serpent? How does sound (THE WORD) travels? Yes, it does like WAVES (As a serpent moves!).

TEPEU GUKUMATZ is the primordial energy or force which created everything. The Bible does not speak of an old white man creating the planet or the universe? It says: THE WORD, the sound and sound is energy and moves as a serpent. It is TEPEU GUKUMATZ, KUKULCAN, QUETZALCOATL, THE KUNDALINI of India, the CHINESE DRAGON.

Our ancestors did not worship an animal, but the symbol! The Plumed Serpent is a symbol of the main and primordial energy which created the universe and this planet?

Do you understand now why the planet was created in seven days?


There are some versions about the creation. Usually we find different ways to express the same ideas or similar ideas. This might happen because of the TIME PROBLEM.  I mean, when time passes by after some centuries things get forgotten and the original version is lost. Then we receive some ideas about those great myths.  Sometimes, some people change them is some way. Well, we might not have the original myth, but certainly they help us to understand the ancient people and once you understand the different myths and the ancient wisdom then it is easy to get the right idea about those myths.

In general, the idea of the Creation, according to the Incas’ myths, goes like this:
The Earth was empty and a big ocean was on it. It was THE LAKE TITICACA. The Sun came out from it and he made the stars and the moon.  He took the moon as his wife and made people from rocks. The question is: Why from rocks? Here is where understanding the ancient wisdom helps to understand the reason.  The rock was an ancient symbol of hard work (Rocks are not easy to sculpt) and it reminds us the PHILOSOPHER STONE, from the Alchemists.

In other words, the meaning of those people made of rock represents how hard it is to create real human beings. Remember: According to the Mayas the gods had to make several creations until they got the real men.

Then humans forgot to help each other and to be thankful for what they had (This look very similar to modern days, no?). So the Sun God punished them, so they could reflect and change. People did not change, so he changed them into monkeys!

This is a very interesting point because the Mayas said something really similar.  In THE POPOL BOOK, Chapter three, written is that after the great flood some people became monkeys and that is the reason why they are so similar to humans.  


By the way, the tales of A GREAT FLOOD is all over the planet. Every single culture speaks about it. Coincidence?

The Native Americans have a Creation Myth too.
The Eternal Father was living in a high spiritual region. He was our Father Sun (Called Viracocha by the Incas). He made the serpents (Serpent is wisdom, so these people were wise); but the serpents betrayed our Father Sun. Let’s remember Lucifer. He was the favorite angel and he betrayed the heavens.  St. Michael fought against him and sent him down! We cannot forget the snake (the negative force)  in the garden.

Our Father Sun made his wife and blew her nose to give her life (Adam got life when Jehovah did the same). Our Father Sun sent her to earth, but she was deceived by the snakes, so she betrayed our Father Sun (Eve betrayed Jehovah!).

One day Our Father Sun created the first man from mud (Adam was made form mud and in the Popol Vuh one of the races of humanity was made form “mud”!)

Yes, one day the first man was sleeping and our Father Sun got one of his ribs to create the first woman! The Bible says the same thing and the Aztec Myth tells how TLAKE NAUAKE was sleeping when OMETEOTL made the first woman: MAKUIL XOCHITL!

Who was "our Father Sun"? Well, the Burning Bush, TEPEU GUCUMATZ with its red chest!
It is really interesting to find all these similarities among different cultures and this is one of the things I love the most!

Finally they made the man who was able to speak their names! Actually it was four men. Why? The number four indicates the four directions: North, south, east and west.  So, do not take it literally. It means they created men who populated everywhere. Adam and Eve most represent the same idea: Not a couple, but the people living in the Garden. Let’s remember Cain run away after he murdered his brother Abel, but he found a woman. Where did she come from? Obviously, there were more people; not Just Adam, Eve and Cain.