Friday, July 22, 2011

THE INCAS AND CUSCO (Tahuantinsuyo)


CUSCO the great capital of the Incas was the very center of the empire. It is said the Incas reigned for 100 years and the Spaniards came to overcome them. All ancient civilizations had a time of splendor a Golden Age. When the Spaniards came the Incas were already in the Iron Age!

The Spaniards could not overcome them if the Incas were in their golden Age or in their Silver Age. Nevertheless, the time came to pay for all those mistakes that the Incas made! Those who conquer other nations will be conquering by other nation!

That is the price of conquering and the modern nations had forgotten that lesson! Sooner or later whoever makes war will have war! It is said we all make our destiny and it is true for sure! So, you better behave if you do not want to have problems!

The great empire of the Incas was possible thanks to Pachacuti, Tupac Inca 1, Tupac Inca 2, Huayna Capac, Huascar and Atahualpa.

Huascar and Atahualpa were brothers, but ambition to power does not care about blood ties! They were fighting each other to get the whole empire, but the Spaniards had other plans. They convinced Atahualpa to become Christian to help him. He saw that as a great opportunity; but the foreigners deceived him and they get prepared to kill him after their victory. Atahualpa promised to fill of gold a room. The Spaniards accepted, but Francisco Pizarro (The leader of the conquistadores) ordered his death anyway.