Friday, July 22, 2011

THE INCAS AND CUSCO (Tahuantinsuyo)


CUSCO the great capital of the Incas was the very center of the empire. It is said the Incas reigned for 100 years and the Spaniards came to overcome them. All ancient civilizations had a time of splendor a Golden Age. When the Spaniards came the Incas were already in the Iron Age!

The Spaniards could not overcome them if the Incas were in their golden Age or in their Silver Age. Nevertheless, the time came to pay for all those mistakes that the Incas made! Those who conquer other nations will be conquering by other nation!

That is the price of conquering and the modern nations had forgotten that lesson! Sooner or later whoever makes war will have war! It is said we all make our destiny and it is true for sure! So, you better behave if you do not want to have problems!

The great empire of the Incas was possible thanks to Pachacuti, Tupac Inca 1, Tupac Inca 2, Huayna Capac, Huascar and Atahualpa.

Huascar and Atahualpa were brothers, but ambition to power does not care about blood ties! They were fighting each other to get the whole empire, but the Spaniards had other plans. They convinced Atahualpa to become Christian to help him. He saw that as a great opportunity; but the foreigners deceived him and they get prepared to kill him after their victory. Atahualpa promised to fill of gold a room. The Spaniards accepted, but Francisco Pizarro (The leader of the conquistadores) ordered his death anyway.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Mexico has many beautiful places; but CHICHEN ITZA (In Yucatan) is a real magical place, where you will find the genius of the Mayas. You can see here the Plumed Serpent (Kukulcan for the Mayas, TEPEU GUKUMATZ for the Maya-Quiche, Quetzalcoatl for the Aztecs), you will see the great pyramid dedicated to Kukulcan, the Astronomical Observatory, the biggest ball game of the Mayas, the Temple of the Warriors, the Temple dedicated to Chak (The Rain God) and more.

Chichen Itza holds many secrets. We will explain some of them here, like the relationship with the Big Bang and the String Theory, just keep reading to unfold those secrets.


This is a really nice and beautiful place; it is really worthy to visit! The magic of the Mayas is in that wonderful place. You can go in daytime, but at night time it is a show of lights and the story of the Mayas that you can hear nicely on the air (Literally). It is because on the show you see the Pyramid of Kukulcan and the Temple of the Warriors illuminated and someone tells the story that you can hear.

What does CHICHEN ITZA mean? I personally say: “THE MOUTH OF THE MAGICIAN.” Like Merlin when using his mouth to say his spellings! But actually, Chichen Itza is really deep and full of magic. Here, at Chichen Itza you can see Kukulcan (The Plumed Serpent) coming down to give life to the planet!
You really need a whole day to see this marvelous place and feel a special environment with a magical touch!

Kukulcan’s Pyramid (Called "El Castillo" by the Spaniards) is the main attraction, but...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


South America has magic and great sites left by the Incas.  They built a huge empire, according to the official point of view, in 100 years only. But the matter is: INCAS LEFT ENIGMAS ABOUT HOW THEY BUILT THOSE SITES SUCH AS SACSAHUAMAN OR CUZCO IN PERU.
How was it possible for them to build those great cities and how they manage to bring huge (several tons of weight) rocks to mountains or just to put them over other huge rocks to assemble perfectly?
CUSCO (often spelled CUZCO) is a marvelous city where you can find many vegetarian restaurants and you can see tourists from different countries of the world.  It was the main city of the Incas and it has such a magical environment that makes hard for you to leave.
Cuzco is situated at 11,150feet (3,400 m) above sea level. A person might feel dizzy or feel week because of its height. Usually they offer you coca tea in the hotels to avoid this problem. Actually, if you didn’t get that tea and you are walking when you start feeling dizzy, then get a soda with caffeine to raise your sugar level to feel better. We do not recommend drinking sodas, but sometimes it is ok when you get in a situation like that.
Cusco was the site of the historic capital of the Inca Empire and was declared a World Heritage Site in 1983 by UNESCO. It is a major tourist destination and receives almost 1.5 million visitors a year. It is designated as the Historical Capital of Peru by the Constitution of Peru.
The official language of the empire was Quechua, although hundreds of local languages and dialects of Quechua were spoken. The Inca referred to their empire as Tawantinsuyo which can be translated as The Four Regions or The Four United Provinces.
According to legend, Cuzco was founded by Manco Capac, first of the Inca rulers. Huiracocha or Viracocha, according to legend, sent Manco Capac to found a city for the Incas or Inkas. He was given a golden scepter by Viracocha. Where it sank the great city had to be built! So, Manco Capac built the city in a Puma’s shape (A sacred animal)…
What is the meaning of this myth?

Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and other countries were part of the Inca’s Empire. Now days we can find many descendants from the Incas in those countries, but the meaning of the myths are forgotten!
The wise Inca’s instructions are gone, but not lost! Ancient cultures wisdom cannot be destroyed because they are part of our blood.

Peru has that special magic, Bolivia its greatness and Ecuador its lovely lands.

Manco Capac’S  SCEPTER:
Manco Capac, as Huitzilopochly for the Aztecs, was the great founder of a marvelous city. Both brought their people to a promise land as Moses did. Manco Capac’s golden scepter is the staff of Moses, Asclepius’ scepter, the Xicoatl of Hutzilopochlty and the Kundalini of India.
All great founders had this SERPENT OF FIRE (Xicoatl or Kundalini), the staff of Hermes or Mercury with its serpents (Founded among Mayas and Aztecs too).  It is a great symbol of wisdom and power.
Power without wisdom can be very destructive and we can see it in modern time. We have a great technology, but it is moving forward to fast for us to understand it… at the end it is so easy to use it for wrong goals or false objectives. It is so easy to navigate in the ocean of madness and follow the wrong path.
The original couple (Brother and sister) of all cultures (Adam and Eve, Osiris and Isis, Maco Capac and Mama Ocllo and so on) are the symbol of fraternity and love rather than a carnal brother and sister they were spiritual family joined in the same brotherhood or fraternity. They are the base of all culture and they represent: Love, brotherhood, union, cooperation, common asset, etc. How can a great culture or empire survive without those virtues? The promise land is for those who develop those virtues and get ripped of egotism to think in other’s people needs.

Lion, puma and tiger are symbols of fire and wisdom. According to the Aztecs it was a race of people that were eaten by tigers, but actually it means they were eaten by wisdom. the Aztecs had tiger warriors and they used to dress up like tigers. That was an elite of a high level range of Aztecs.

Lake Titicaca has a puma's shape and that is what Titicaca means. So, when they say they worshiped pumas, actually they worshiped wisdom.






Thursday, May 26, 2011


According to the Aztec Myth, Huitzilopochtli was born as an adult, as a warrior fully armed with the xicoatl, The Serpent of Fire! He guided his people to a promise land. They will know where that land is because of a symbol. That is an eagle eating a snake on top of a cactus; this is the symbol on Mexico’s flag. They found that eagle eating the serpent right on a very small island which was in the middle of a lake. T
Aztecs built the Great Tenochtitlan on top of that lake. Now days Mexico’s buildings are right on top of that lake. How was it possible? How did those savages and ignorant Indians build a city on a lake?  Well, actually, they were not savages and they were not ignorant…What about the human sacrifices?
Huemac, an Aztec priest ordered those human scarifies. Nevertheless, one of the Aztec Codex says: “Quetzalcoatl (Their main god) wants flowers, butterflies and snakes”… He did not ask for human sacrifices.
Huitzilopochtli had a real wisdom and he thought  the Aztecs that wisdom.
What those flowers, butterflies and snakes mean?
It is very interesting that the Aztecs called themselves: The children of the Fifth Sun. The answer is in the Aztec Calendar. Why?

What does the symbol of the eagle eating the serpent on top of a cactus mean?
Would you like to know the answer to those questions?
Very well, here are the meanings:

So, let's see these symbols in a glance:

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


These are three great cultures with a great wisdom and many enigmas to share!
The myths of the Mayas are very complex and not easy to understand. The Popol vuh tells us how the planet was made by the gods and how they wanted to create the man who would tell their names… Obviously, we cannot take this as a literal myth, but as a symbol or symbolic way to tell us something deeper…
The Aztecs known are wild warriors and savages were able to create TENOCHTITLAN just in the middle of a lake. Now days, Mexico city is on that lake. How could those “savages” build a city able to hold all those buildings on top of a lake?
The Incas had a big empire and they were able to build with huge rocks that weight tons, but not just that, they put them together in a way that is beyond our understanding. How could they do that if they did not have machines?

The Mayas, Aztecs and Incas left many things that we are interested on studying, but beyond the classical point of view. How can we understand something different with the same point of view that we see our regular life?

The Mayas were an amazing culture! They left behind a lot of mysteries, symbols, myths and much more. We will study those mysteries, symbols and myths on this blog.
There are many theories about the way they left the cities… But, we are sure they are not gone. Their wisdom is here and we will understand it step by step.

The Pyramid of Kukulcan is an amazing structure where you can see Kukulcand descending to the planet bringing the energies from the Cosmos, so the planet can continue giving life to all creatures on it.

This great pyramid (The picture above was taken by me) is not a mere calendar as many people believe. It is a magical construction where you can see Kukulcan in March 21st, 22nd and 23rd. This happens every year. This is a phenomenon which happens thanks to the sun and the shadows. There is not way to describe it. I took some videos in the year 2000 when I was there.

I will explain this great phenomenon in another day.

The Mayan Calendar is one of the greatest calendars ever.  Now days it is very popular because of its end: Year 2012!
This is one of those enigmas. This is a complex and yet simple system of several calendars working together.  The Mayas knew this: TIME IS A CIRCLE! They knew things happen again and again and we are trapped in the SPACE-TIME machine or RELATIVITY.
Could it be possible that Mayas went beyond time and space? Did they know more than we think they did? Why nobody knows for sure what happened to them? We only hear theories about this, but who can be really sure?
YEAR 2012!
THE END OF THE WORLD!!!! …Really? Did they mean it? Is this just a human interpretation? What is the meaning of the end of the world?
Many people believe that the end of the world is coming; but… How could we know if that is true?  What does the end of the world mean? What are we suppose to do? Is this the end of hope? What we should expect for the future? What does NASA knows about this?
Read more?