Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Mexico has many beautiful places; but CHICHEN ITZA (In Yucatan) is a real magical place, where you will find the genius of the Mayas. You can see here the Plumed Serpent (Kukulcan for the Mayas, TEPEU GUKUMATZ for the Maya-Quiche, Quetzalcoatl for the Aztecs), you will see the great pyramid dedicated to Kukulcan, the Astronomical Observatory, the biggest ball game of the Mayas, the Temple of the Warriors, the Temple dedicated to Chak (The Rain God) and more.

Chichen Itza holds many secrets. We will explain some of them here, like the relationship with the Big Bang and the String Theory, just keep reading to unfold those secrets.


This is a really nice and beautiful place; it is really worthy to visit! The magic of the Mayas is in that wonderful place. You can go in daytime, but at night time it is a show of lights and the story of the Mayas that you can hear nicely on the air (Literally). It is because on the show you see the Pyramid of Kukulcan and the Temple of the Warriors illuminated and someone tells the story that you can hear.

What does CHICHEN ITZA mean? I personally say: “THE MOUTH OF THE MAGICIAN.” Like Merlin when using his mouth to say his spellings! But actually, Chichen Itza is really deep and full of magic. Here, at Chichen Itza you can see Kukulcan (The Plumed Serpent) coming down to give life to the planet!
You really need a whole day to see this marvelous place and feel a special environment with a magical touch!

Kukulcan’s Pyramid (Called "El Castillo" by the Spaniards) is the main attraction, but...