Aztec double headed serpent.

This is a very universal symbol because we can find it not just among Mayas, Aztecs and Incas; but in every culture of the world.
Whoever had studied the ancient cultures had found the serpent as a double meaning symbol. We find the serpent in the paradise of the Bible, but Moses use it in front of the pharaoh to show God's power and he uses it again to help people who was in the Exodus with him (Please read NUMBER 21)

Egypt was falling and someone had to rescue its wisdom. That is the reason why Moses grew up in Egypt and got into the wisdom of that marvelous country. Let's remember Paul when he said:  "Do not forget Moses got his wisdom from Egypt."

We will find this double symbol in every culture and it is important to understand it.

The serpent has several meanings: WISDOM, POWER, ENERGY, etc. The problem is: We can use any of them for good or evil!
Wisdom is really important, but it in an evil mind becomes dangerous.
Power or force can be used to slave other beings if the person who has it has not a good heart.
Energy is vital for life, but using energy in a wrong way can destroy.
The bottom of the line is: The person who develops the KUNDALINI must be good hearted because he/she will develop wisdom, power and energy.

What is the KUNDALINI?

THE KUNDALINI is the main energy of the human energetic system. It is trapped in the Root chakra and it needs to rise up till the Crown chakra.

What is a chakra?
A chakra is a vortex of energy.

There are seven main chakras:
7 – Crown Chakra.
6 – Frontal Chakra.
5 – Throat Chakra.
4 – Heart Chakra.
3 – Solar Plexus Chakra.
2 – Sacrum Chakra.
1 -  Root Chakra                                       
It is said that Huitzilopochtli, the god of war of the Aztecs, was born as an adult and with the XIHCUATL (The Serpent of Fire), which is the Kundalini. We can see that this serpent has 7 spheres, they are the seven chakras. So Huitzilopochtli was a deva who developed the Kundalini and all its powers.

This Kundalini  or Xihcuatl is the stuff of Moses, the golden stuff of Manco Capac, the Caduceus of Mercury or Hermes. It is the serpent of Asclepius the god of medicine of the Greeks. It is the symbol of modern medicine (Two serpents and wings on top).

Now you can understand: the Kundalini was kown by the Mayas, Aztecs and Incas.

We all have that Kundalini in our spinal. It is within the Muladhara chakra or Root chakra. It has to develop from there to the Crown chakra. It has to rise up from vertebra to vertebra, total 33 vertebras!

We receive energy from the cosmos and the chakras are supposed to receive them, but they are not working properly in human beings. We need to make them work through mantras and our inner energies.

Ancient yogis gave a special attention to the heart. They said the Kundalini depends on the Anahata chakra (The chakra of the heart). It is so, because to become a real wise person you need to love humankind. Otherwise you could destroy life instead of helping to create life.

If you would like to know more about the Kudalini check the link about yoga at the bottom.



On one side Hermes (The messenger of the gods) had his caduceus with its serpents; Athena (The goddess of wisdom) had her serpent. On the other side: Medusa is a (A woman with serpents on her head and a body of a serpent) negative force.


Ra had a solar disk with a serpent; the Egyptians gods had the Uraeus (the serpent) as a symbol of protection and hierarchy. Nevertheless, they had a serpent as an enemy too.


The trinity of Hinduism is Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Shiva is always represented with a serpent (A protector) on his neck. Nevertheless, Krishna (A reincarnation of Vishnu) had to fight a big serpent. 

Judaism and Christians:

The serpent of the garden (Genesis). It was the cause of ejection from the paradise (Negative serpent). The serpent that Moses put on a pole to cure his people (Positive): Book of Numbers 21:9 "And Moses made a snake of copper, and put it upon a pole, and it came to pass, that if a snake had bitten any man, when he beheld the snake of brass, he lived."


We can understand, thanks to modern science that everything is vibrating. We know vibration comes from movement and it cause sound. This sound is ENERGY and this energy travels though waves.

How does a serpent travel? Well, it does it as waves do. Now we understand why the ancient civilizations represented the energy as a serpent.

The serpent has three levels: One as Cosmic energy, another one as an inner energy (The Kundalini or Xicoalt) trapped in the Muladhara chakra. The third one is the Kundalini fully developed.

Whoever was able to develop the Kundalini to its maximum was called QUETZALCOATL among Aztecs, Pharaoh among Egyptians, or Buddha in India, etc.


It is a staff with one serpent to each side and wings on top. It is the modern sign of medicine. You can see it on ambulances or hospitals, sometimes with only one serpent. Let’s remember that Asclepius was the god of medicine for the Greeks and Moses hanged up a serpent on a pole to heal the people who were sick and dying.
The inner energy system was well known by ancient cultures. The Caduceus of Mercury is found in different civilizations like Mayas and Aztecs as well as in India and Persia. The alchemists had it too.
Let’s remember when the Spaniards came to Mesoamerica they burnt the ancient codex of Mayas and Aztecs, only a few survived! Otherwise, I bet we could find a lot more information about the Aztec and Maya’s caduceus.
India kept more knowledge about the inner energetic system. They call to those serpents on the sides of the staff as Ida and Pingala. The staff itself is Shushunna which represents the spinal where the seven chakras are.


It is another way to represent the snake. But the Chinese dragon does not represent just the snake, but the Plumed Serpent (The serpent with feathers) or a serpent which could fly. That is Quetzalcoatl for the Aztecs, Kukulcan for the Mayas. The Incas had AMARU TUPAK (Flying crocodile); what is a crocodile? It is a reptile as a serpent; so AMARU TUPAK is the Plumed Serpent of the Aztecs or Chinese dragon. So, all cultures had the serpent!

The Flying Serpent (Kundalini, Quetzalcoatl, Kukulcan, etc.) represents that superior energy which all human beings have. The negative serpent is the same energy, but used in a wrong way!

All the great emperors from China were representations of the dragon. In other words, they were called dragons. The same as Quetzalcoatl was the name of the leader of the Aztecs.


We believe, in modern time, we are the most advance civilization ever existed; but we are not. Ancient cultures knew about the use of the energy. Not just the energy within the water that makes fire (Electricity), but the energy within ourselves!

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Our ancestors really knew how to use the energy and how dangerous it was too. They learnt to use it in harmony with nature and the universe. We, modern people, think we know too much; but it is not so. We ignore the mysteries of nature and the mysteries of the universe. We believe the ancient cultures were ignorant and most of then were savages; but it was not and it is not so. There are many evidences of great civilizations that we do not want to accept.

The time has come to understand the opposite. All cultures had a golden stage and slowly, through thousands of years we came into the Iron Age! We are not better that our ancestors, we just not have time to study the ancient civilizations and we are too arrogant to accept their greatness.

Saturn always eats his suns and daughters! That is what the Roman myth says; but we do not understand that it represents time. Time destroys intelligence, memory, beauty and all capacities of the human race. Time is a killer! Time is passing by and we are trapped into it!

The Space-Time machine is not the only reality and our ancestors knew it! We are trapped in that machine and we did not find the way out! Science is getting closer and they are opening their mind to “Other dimensions.” Please read about THE STRING THEORY. For scientists the problem is: It is a theory still! Other dimensions were a fact for our ancestors. We will talk about that in other occasion.

We are so involved in our life full or worries, full of problems, full of materialism and “WE DO NOT HAVE TIME” for anything else! Our life is studying hard to get a job and the work hard to get some money. Is life for that? Is it all? I believe it is a higher objective for the human race, but time is killing us and things are getting harder. The harder life gets the less time you have for yourself!

Whoever understands the mystery of the serpent then he/she understands the mystery of nature and the universe!


How wonderful is CHICEHN ITZA! It is magnificent! Glorious! Amazing!

 Mayas made a huge Calendar that predicts equinox and solstice and much more. Yes, it is THE PYRAMID OF KUKULCAN (Spaniards named it as The Castle because a castle was the only thing similar in Spain at that time).

Every year Kukulcan (The Plumed Serpent) comes down in CHICHEN ITZA. Mayas built this huge calendar and they make it to see Kukulcan coming down in March (20th, 21st and 22nd). Yes, it is the Equinox of spring.

According to Mayas, Kukulcan comes to give life to the planet and that is the reason why winter goes and spring comes.
We will discuss about Chichen Itza in other area. I am pointing this now because I want you to see how the serpent is related to life. How the Feathered Serpent comes to give life to the planet.
Kukulcan’s Pyramid holds a secret about the Creation and the modern theories of the beginning of the universe. We will gladly talk about this topic in another occasion.

We are in the 21stcentury, but people are in a dark age and do not understand ancient wisdom. Many people are scare of the serpent because they ignore the real meaning of it. I hope, after reading all this, you have a better idea of this great symbol. I hope, after all this, you understand the real meaning and send the message to other persons.

A Greek philosopher said: “Ignorance is the worst sin of all!” I really believe that. How nice it is to have this great technology, but we are the same violent people and our heart is lack of love. Friendship is fabulous, but now days we cannot trust easily because we have lost honor and respect.

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Ancient warriors had honor and they gave their lives for that; but those warriors are gone! The glory of our ancestors will be forever with us if we do not forget the ancient knowledge and bring in our heart the power of the serpent (Wisdom, energy and power). The most amazing power of the universe is LOVE!
That is why all ancient civilizations worship the serpent, not the physical animal, but its meaning. We have to learn to do the same. Wisdom, energy and the power of love must bright the whole planet to have hope for a better life and a better future!

Quetzalcoatl (for the Aztecs) and Kukulcan (for the Mayas) mean feathered serpent. One is the snake which crawls and other one is the serpent which can fly! The first one is the negative symbol and the latter the positive symbol. One seduces you and makes you lose your control, intelligence and strength; the second one makes you to conquer yourself through self-control!

Buddha said: “The cause of pain is desire!” He was totally right! Desire seduces you. It brings pain sooner or later, so it does not bring happiness, but pleasure. This is a cycle according to Buddha: Desire looks pleasure then we meet pain and to feel better we “desire” pleasure again; then the cycle repeats over and over. There is not end for desire and its pleasure is for a moment. Desire, pleasure and pain are part of the SPACE-TIME machine (Illusion), where humanity is trapped!

Skeptics and believers are trapped in the same machine. They cannot solve the puzzle of life because both are ignorant! The first one does not give a chance to accept what beyond his/her theories is; the second one is scare of leaving his/her believes.

There are a third kind of people: Those who want to really know and therefore investigate beyond his theories and believe!

Whoever wants to know the mysteries of life, nature and the universe must go beyond his/her theories and believes. But always look within his/her heart! The power of the Kundalini (The plumed serpent) is only for those who really want to help humanity! The first thing needed to develop the Kundalini is a heart full of love for the human kind!

The snake which crawls is for those who never learn to forgive, comprehend and love his/her fellow people of life. The Plumed Serpent is the glorious price of those who are willing to love humanity! That is why they were called Quetzalcoatl or Kukulcan!
Let the glory be for those who became as wise as a serpent (the Plumed Serpent) and therefore can fly beyond the human limits!

They became guides of humanity: Manco Cappac, Quetzalcoatl, Kukulcan, Buddha, Krishna, Rama, Amida, Moses, etc.

The great pharaohs were Quetzalcoatl in the beginning and each of them had to fight for the honor to be a pharaoh (a Plumed Serpent); but when Egyptians lost the contact with the original wisdom they created those dynasties. Then things changed!

Let’s remember those pharaohs had the cobra (the serpent) and a vulture (a bird) on the front head. They represent the Plumed Serpent!

The Plumed Serpent is not a person, but a cosmic energy able to be developed in the energetic system of any human being under one condition: LOVE FOR HUMANITY!


There are some pictures, from the ancient Christians, which depict a serpent on a cross. The question is: WHY?

Well, the answer is simple: It represents the negative serpent which is crucified by the Quetzalcoatl or the Plumed Serpent.

Obviously, nobody can develop the Kundalini if he/she do not overcome the negative aspect!

So, the negative serpent must die in order to let the Plumed Serpent to emerge or resurrect! There is not resurrection without death!


This is an ancient symbol used by different cultures and the alchemist too. On one hand it represents ETERNITY and on the other hand it represents THE CYCLES which everything goes through.

Everything has cycles and at the end of a cycle an experience is learnt or a result comes out from that cycle. After that cycle another ones starts and so on forever.

Every cycle generate effects which later become causes for new effects and so on. All ancient traditions hold the idea of an unique cause which effects are seen in the universe. The universe itself is an effect of that first cause. Everything that happens in the universe generates effects and the chain of causes and effects hold the universe moving.

ENERGY CANNOT BE DESTROYED AND IT CANNOT BE BORN! We all know that; but usually we do not think about the implications of that idea. Everything in the universe is energy, therefore it did not have a beginning (Its cause never was born) and it will never have an end. The universe is changing constantly because ENERGY CAN ONLY BE TRANSFORMED.

Transformation is a need to keep moving and moving forward. When something stops from transformation then it dies. The strongest beings keep transforming and getting used to new things, new events, new ideas, new effects and if necessary to new weather, new food, new behavior or even a new world. Remember: THE STRONGEST SURVIVE! That is a nature’s law.

Weak creatures die in a process that requires strength and/or intelligence. Many animals are gone, including the huge dinosaurs; nevertheless we, humans, are alive. The reason: We have the capacity to survive because our intelligence. It does not mean all human beings are intelligent enough to survive. It means we all have the capacity, but we sometimes weakness overcome intelligence. Then people (instead or improving, instead or changing, instead of transforming, instead of getting adapted to new circumstances) prefer just to exist without making efforts for their own goodness or for other person’s wellbeing.

People prefer to believe in things that cannot be proved rather to fight for the wellbeing of all human beings. What is a belief for if it does not make better human beings? Instead of all those theories of love and peace we better act to build a better world.  We all have the capacity to change the planet, we can change our destiny; but when I say “we” I mean “WE ALL.”

We must understand the great opportunity life brings for all of us. Remember: NOTHING IS FREE. Therefore, if we want a better planet then we have to pay with our effort and concern.

THE CIRCLE is the symbol of eternity. Eternity exists beyond the human ideas or human beliefs. Everything is everlasting and that includes YOU! You are energy; you are beyond this SPACE-TIME MACHINE. But you are dreaming and your dream brings death.

THE CIRCLE (THE SERPENT EATING ITS TALE) was the ancient symbol of power and wisdom. King Arthur had is round table, but not for coincidence.

I do not believe in the end of the world; at least not for some thousands of years. But I really believe the whole planet needs a huge transformation in every single area (Economy, politics, believes, values, nature, etc.) Changes usually bring pain and/or discomfort. We are entering into a TRANSFORMATION ZONE! I believe this zone will last many years, how many? I am not that wise to know…



The serpent, as you had read on this article, is the most amazing symbol and the one which is the most mysterious. It has a fascination, a magical attraction and it is so enigmatic.

It has been always related to sex, power, love and wisdom. Sometimes depicted as a winged snake or as a dragon or as a flying crocodile (Amaru Tupac for the Incas), but always a reptile with plumes. It is a real mix between the lower level of a person and the most amazing grace of the divinity.


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On one hand it is the reptile which crawls on the soil, the inferior nature of humanity: Desires, revenge, passion, violence, etc. On the other had there is the plumed serpent (Quetzalcoatl, Kukulcan, the Pharaoh, the Chinese Dragon, the Kundalini, etc.) which is the superior nature of every human being: Control, forgiveness, love, tolerance, etc.

Everything is energy and matter is only a condensed energy. Energy is a mystery even for modern scientist. They use it, they think they can control it, but they do not know what it is. As an electrician what electricity is and there is not a simple answer because it is a mystery still.

That marvelous intelligent energy which made this universe is beyond any human understanding. It is within every single atom of the cosmos. It is in our body directing inner activities through the nervous system, the immune system and all the inner system of the human body. It is the intelligence of the antibodies which fight viruses and that intelligence is the cause of every scar. Who told our body how to cure when it has a wound? Who told the antibodies how to fight the viruses? Who told our brain how to think? Our body is full of many applications or instructions which work even if we are not aware of them!

The Serpent is the intelligence of that super powerful energy which created all that exists! I mean, the serpent is the symbol of that energy from where everything comes to the manifestation.

What could be a better symbol for the energy? Our ancestors had a great imagination to picture the serpent as that intelligence. Now days, we know about waves because of our science; but… How could the ancient minds picture the energy moving as waves? There is only one answer: THEY KNEW IT BECAUSE THEY SAW IT!

The more a person study about the mysteries of the universe, the more enigmas he/she finds. One question is answered and then another one comes out! It is because WISDOM HAS NOT AN END!

ETERNITY IS MADE OF COUNTLESS CYCLES! THE SERPENT EATS ITS TALE, BUT IT NEVER DIES! Birth and death are the same, just in a different form. A person dies, but its energy (what the person really is), cannot die; therefore death is a new beginning in another part of the universe or in another region of it!