I really believe there is a lot of misunderstanding about this subject. Some people deny evolution and others defend it. Well, I think we need to be clear on this one. I will give you my humble opinion about this subject and we will discuss it in a scientific way. Please, open your mind and think twice.


Ancient cultures knew about evolution. Ancient civilizations understood this subject in a very clear way. They understood time in a totally different way as modern people understand it now (2013). The great Mayas were masters of time. Time and evolution work together. All ancient cultures spoke about the four ages of humanity (See link below) and the beginning of time.


Yes, it is real. How can anybody deny it? It is as real as the whole planet where we are. There is not way to deny the fact of evolution.


Life could be really absurd without evolution. Life would lack of sense without evolution. Learning and evolution work together. Thinking of an universe without evolution is totally out of the mind. The butterfly coming out from a worm could be impossible without evolution. A seed becoming a tree could not exist without evolution. How could a cub become a lion without evolution? There is no way a baby monkey could turn into an adult monkey without evolution.

Wherever you see evolution is. You could travel the whole universe and I bet you will find the fact of evolution everywhere. If you deny evolution you deserve to be in a mad house because your brain is not working properly. Common sense tells us about the fact of evolution.

So we can ask some questions about THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION:
   - What do ancient cultures say about this matter?
   - What history and time show us about evolution?
   - Do all scientists agree with the Theory of Evolution?
   - How did evolution started?
   - Is it really random?
   - Does evolution need any intelligence?

I think we can try to answer those questions. I will give you my humble opinion regarding those questions. I will post some evidences regarding my point of view. I will not just talk without references. If you are willing to walk with me then let's go for it....


It is interesting that all ancient civilizations say that we are coming from a higher level of consciousness. They all refer to the origin of mankind as great and glorious. They say we were happy and we had everything, but we lost that primordial state. So we were taken out from "The Golden Age." Please refer to my article THE FOUR AGES OF HUMANITY (Link at the bottom).

So, according to those great tales we came form a Golden Age, but then we fell into a Silver Age; but we did not stop there... We fell again now into the Cooper age and finally we got into this Iron Age. It is depicted as the age of Darkness or confusion. In other words, all ancient cultures are telling us that we are not evolving but actually we are going backward! Is it possible?

We will get back to this point later...


What they both show about evolution?
If evolution is progress, construction and development then let's check out history as humans. Well, we have a great technology now. But there are many evidences that ancient people had technology too, as I show on my article  THE FOUR AGES OF HUMANITY (Link at the bottom).

We can see easily that we are full of violence, hatred, racism, discrimination, war, etc., etc., etc. how can we believe we are civilized? No, actually we are savages. Just check the news on TV or newspapers for references about this.

Technology is progressing, but I cannot say the same about human's behavior. Technology is making things faster, but it does not necessarily mean better. It is good for companies to move faster, but it is not good for the employees (Humans) because it (doing things quick) causes stress more and more. Well, it is really bad for your health. Stress destroys all the inner systems of the body: Circulatory system, nervous system, immune system, respiratory system... Plus it destroys muscles and the list expands.


Time passes by, time flies; but we are not becoming more humans. We lack love, comprehension, tolerance, forgiveness, compassion, loyalty, sincerity, honor, etc.Machines, buildings do not make us better as humans.

So time is telling us that time does not make us better. We are the same barbarians who caused wars in the past. The same way Spaniards came to Mexico and South america to kill, make slaves, take properties, take women, etc. the same way we would do if we conquer another planet. If we think of war we will make more wars wherever we go!

When humanity becomes so indolent and cruel then (Check the sacred books) they are destroyed: Sodom and Gomorrah, The great flood (Written in all cultures around the planet), etc.

All civilizations new this matter: We are coming from a Golden Age and we have to get into the lowest of the Dark Age to finally get into the so called End of the world. It is not the end of the planet, but the end of the way things are. Please refer to my article: MAYAS 2012: THE END? (Link at the bottom).

Think about this: ALL CULTURES AND EMPIRES FALL! Where is the wisdom of India? Where are the Greek philosophers? Where are the architect of the Egyptian pyramids? Where are the builders of Teotihuacan? What happen to the wisdom of the Incas? Where are the great Romans?, etc., etc., etc. The answer is simple: GONE! THEY ARE PART OF THE PAST!


Saturn the Roman god (Cronus for the Greeks) had two wives: Ops and Lua. The first one was the goddess of wealth and abundance, the latter was the goddess of destruction and loosening (The opposite, right?).

Saturn-Cronus is TIME. If you take advantage of time then you get the blessing of Ops. On the contrary, if you do not take advantage of time, if you waste your time, then you get the punishment of Lua. In other words, time itself does not give you the blessing of wealth and abundance, time itself does not make things to progress or to be developed; time itself does not build anything. Something most be done in order to get progress, development or to build something.

We all know from experience something very simple: CRONUS IS THE KILLER OF EVERYTHING!

What does it mean? It means this: A baby is born and he/she becomes a kid, later a teen and the an adult. That is progress, that is development. But, after that comes old age and finally we die. It happens because of time. The same happens to a seed which later becomes a plant or tree, it gives flowers and/or fruits and finally it dies. It happens to worlds around the universe, they become moons when they die.

Time has such a power than it even kill what we know as love. Lovers, in the beginning, try their best to please the other person, but when time passes by then everything changes. It is easy to love in the beginning, but after a few months or years it is not easy any longer. Why? Because Cronus kills everything, even love, at least human love. The pictures depicts Saturn or Cronus cutting Cupid's wings.


Where is an example of something developing for ever? There is not such thing because everything that goes up will come down sooner or later. Yes, that is what happen to all empires and civilizations.

I know, you could tell me: "Wait, right now we cannot see anything developing for ever, but if we wait a few thousands of year then we will see it"... My friend. that is science fiction. Real science is based on what we can see, not in speculations.


Entropy makes things to get in disorder. This happens through time. The older something is the more entropy it has! In simple words: Organized systems get in disorder through time. Things tend to get disorder and not the opposite.

Check this out: What is Entropy?

What about this video: Entropy: Is the end of the universe...

More over, if energy cannot be created nor destroyed then we always have the same amount of energy, right? Yes, So how can things evolve for ever? This is not possible because everything is being transformed into a disorder system. Example: Burn something and see what happens. Everything will be reduce to dust. The energy is transformed into dust or ashes; but not into a better and more organized thing. Actually it got disordered!

The second law of Thermodinamycs says: EVERYTHING DECAYS! It does not say everything evolves. Do not believe it? Check the following video and you will see some scientist talking about this, including the so famous Dr. Michio Kaku: Fate of Universe explained through basic Laws of Thermodynamics

I am sorry, but Crono or Saturn will destroy everything through time. That is the course of Crono-Saturn.


There is a simple law for it: THE STRONGEST SURVIVE. Yes, it is 100% true! This is not just a law of nature, but actually it affects everything. A weak business cannot make it against a stronger business. A weak person is defeated by a stronger one. This is real in the spiritual dimension too, because those who has a weak soul can not endure temptations, so you have to be strong enough to be faithful to your beliefs whatever they are.

We cannot deny the natural selection. It is a fact. The question is: Can "Natural Selection" create another species? There is the real question. What is the answer?

Where is the evidence of a new species coming form an old species? No, so far there is not such prove or evidence, only more and more assumptions, opinions and theories.

Again we have this promise for people who support that idea: We could see them if we wait a few hundred or maybe thousands of year. A reply again: "That is Science-Fiction, because science is observable. Science is based on what you see and not on what you believe."

Why some scientists want us to "BELIEVE" on what we cannot see and, at the same time, they ask us not to believe in religions because religions ask you to believe on what you cannot see?

So, we really need a more accurate data. We need more explanations about these topics. So far, there are many questions that Evolutionist cannot answer and, yes, there many questions that modern religions cannot answer either. There is a lost gap between science and religion. 


I really understand why many people are against religions, just check how they took advantage of people in history. i do not like fanatics, but I really respect all religions. All of them have the same roots and all of them speak about love and understanding. Nevertheless, something is lost in time. Remember: Crono destroys everything through time!


The answer is simple: No, some scientist do some do not. Why? simple: THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION IS A THEORY. A THEORY IS LIKE A PROPOSAL, IT IS NOT A DEMONSTRATION. A theory is an opinion, it is an assumption. Nevertheless, many people and some scientists want to tell us it is real only based on what they believe. More over, in USA it is against the law to talk in the schools against the Theory of Evolution. But guess what... THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION IS NOT THE ONLY THEORY THAT EXPLAINS THE ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES.

Actually many had lost their job when they try to speak about another theory like THE THEORY OF THE INTELLIGENT DESIGN. Why?

Check this out: Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
This is the same movie with Spanish translation:  Expelled No intelligence Allowed


Evolution is real as I explain in the beginning of this article. It is a natural tendency of living creatures to progress, but is is an exaggeration to think this progress goes for ever. Science is evolving too and this is great. Now in the XXI century a lot of changes are supposed to happen thanks to our science and the development of technology. Modern computers are giving us a better idea of how things work, this includes the great machine that we call "our body."

The more scientists study and understand how the body works (organs, cell,s atoms, DNA, etc.) the more we find how the theory of evolution is not real. Something is missed in that theory. The idea of a Super Intelligence or a Super Consciousness is emerging out from science. The Theory of the Intelligent Design is getting more popularity thanks to all new evidences on how the body works. Why? simple, because more and more we find that random things cannot produce something organized. One example that I heard once is this: What happen after a hurricane or a tornado pass by a town? We all know the outcome. Yes, we know a total mess is left behind. The winds take everything randomly and puts everything back randomly, at the end there is a chaos. Who did ever watch the news telling that after a hurricane a town looks better and more organized? Can anyone tell me that?

Actually, we all know that it takes time and effort to organize things. Just organizing our messy room takes and effort and intelligence to put things properly. Any doubt? just ask a teen to clean his/her room. Of course, we would like to through things randomly and get in the proper place by magic; but guess what: It does not work that way.

We all know that when we get sick the anti-bodies will fight the germs and viruses, but wait! Who taught the antibodies how to detect germs and viruses and more over, who or what told taught them how to fight them back?

Within a simple cell there are many tiny "creatures" working to make proteins. We are talking that within a single cell exist a fabric of proteins. How is it possible? How can that be done? Just check how much work a store needs to fulfill its daily work or check a fabric how many things and employees it needs to work and make things. How is that a cell can make or create  anything?

There is a great intelligence right inside a cell and therefore within the whole human body. Our body has more than 100 trillion cells!!! It is just amazing!

Bill Gates (I know he is not a scientist, but a very smart person and with a good understanding of computers) says: "Human DNA is like a computer program but far, far more advance than any software we've ever created."

Check this out: What is real versus what we are TRAINED to believe

The complexity of a cell or a genome or all the parts and organs of the body are telling us about an organization. You and me know that intelligence is required to organize anything; but the more complex something is the more intelligence is needed to organize it.

Why are some scientists denying this intelligence? Keep reading and I will tell you my opinion later...


Well, if organizing needs intelligence then building, developing and progressing needs intelligence too. It cannot be evolution without intelligence. Organization does not come from random procedures or things and evolution is not the exemption.

It has to be an intelligence beyond our understanding and the more science develops the more we understand that it has to be "THAT" intelligence. So, the idea on AN INTELLIGENT DESIGN is not far from the reality. Actually it makes more sense that a random evolution.

So, why the Theory of Evolution is so popular? Because, among other things, it is the only theory permitted in public schools here in USA. On the other hand, there are a bunch of fanatics among different sects and religions that create a bad image or bad picture about a Supreme Intelligence.

This is not the matter of fanatics. Actually I think there are fanatics in religions as well in science. The first ones want you to get into their religion at any price and, sometimes, they manipulate things to make you a believer. We are smart and we cannot accept things like that. Nevertheless, there are fanatics in the scientific community that wants you to believe in the Theory of Evolution at any price and, they also manipulate data to make you a believer. Here is something very important to underline: Both sides (Religion and science) have fanatics and both want you to be a believer. I do not mean all of them are fanatics, but some are on both sides.



After reading the lines above you can see that random creation is not possible. There are many scientist who do not see how can life come from random circumstances and the list is growing up. The more science develops the more we know an intelligence is required for all these things to happen. Nevertheless, it does not mean that all religions can explain the truth about this.

We need a balance between what we believe and what the facts are. Both, religion and science, most meet together with open mind. We most be very intelligent to understand this process called evolution, but we cannot forget that after evolution finishes its process then the opposite comes to destroy everything.

Albert Einstein said a long time ago that he did not think the divinity was playing randomly with the universe. He thought it had to be an intelligence behind all this. Maybe the proper question is: What is it?

The following movie is really great. You will see many scientists talking about this matter of an intelligence. You will see scientists talking about the Theory of Evolution and why this theory is so popular. Please pay attention since the beginning to the end.

This is a great video: The Signs of God's Existence.


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