Thursday, May 26, 2011


According to the Aztec Myth, Huitzilopochtli was born as an adult, as a warrior fully armed with the xicoatl, The Serpent of Fire! He guided his people to a promise land. They will know where that land is because of a symbol. That is an eagle eating a snake on top of a cactus; this is the symbol on Mexico’s flag. They found that eagle eating the serpent right on a very small island which was in the middle of a lake. T
Aztecs built the Great Tenochtitlan on top of that lake. Now days Mexico’s buildings are right on top of that lake. How was it possible? How did those savages and ignorant Indians build a city on a lake?  Well, actually, they were not savages and they were not ignorant…What about the human sacrifices?
Huemac, an Aztec priest ordered those human scarifies. Nevertheless, one of the Aztec Codex says: “Quetzalcoatl (Their main god) wants flowers, butterflies and snakes”… He did not ask for human sacrifices.
Huitzilopochtli had a real wisdom and he thought  the Aztecs that wisdom.
What those flowers, butterflies and snakes mean?
It is very interesting that the Aztecs called themselves: The children of the Fifth Sun. The answer is in the Aztec Calendar. Why?

What does the symbol of the eagle eating the serpent on top of a cactus mean?
Would you like to know the answer to those questions?
Very well, here are the meanings:

So, let's see these symbols in a glance: