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According to the Aztec Myth, Huitzilopochtli was born as an adult, as a warrior fully armed with the xicoatl, The Serpent of Fire! He guided his people to a promise land. They will know where that land is because of a symbol. That is an eagle eating a snake on top of a cactus; this is the symbol on Mexico’s flag. They found that eagle eating the serpent right on a very small island which was in the middle of a lake. T
Aztecs built the Great Tenochtitlan on top of that lake. Now days Mexico’s buildings are right on top of that lake. How was it possible? How did those savages and ignorant Indians build a city on a lake?  Well, actually, they were not savages and they were not ignorant…What about the human sacrifices?
Huemac, an Aztec priest ordered those human scarifies. Nevertheless, one of the Aztec Codex says: “Quetzalcoatl (Their main god) wants flowers, butterflies and snakes”… He did not ask for human sacrifices.
Huitzilopochtli had a real wisdom and he thought  the Aztecs that wisdom.
What those flowers, butterflies and snakes mean?
It is very interesting that the Aztecs called themselves: The children of the Fifth Sun. The answer is in the Aztec Calendar. Why?

What does the symbol of the eagle eating the serpent on top of a cactus mean?
Would you like to know the answer to those questions?
Very well, here are the meanings:

So, let's see these symbols in a glance:

The eagle eating the serpent on top of a cactus… The eagle represents the highest level of a person. The serpent is the lowest level of us. This highest level of ourselves must eat or destroy the lowest level and it is not easy, but hard (The cactus).
Flowers represent the beauty of our soul. So we need to cultivate our own garden with new abilities, new thoughts (positive thoughts), new emotions (Positive emotions), and so on.
Butterflies are beautiful, but first they are warns. So developing those flowers of our soul we become from regular human beings into superior beings. Superior to ourselves!
Snakes are symbol of wisdom and symbol of energy. We know sound (Energy) travels though waves (movement of the serpent). So, we need to develop wisdom and superior energies.
The Aztec calendar, a huge stone which is in the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico,  tells the beginning and the end of the world. According to the Aztecs, they were the children of the fifth sun. Fours suns had past already. The first one, they said, was the Jaguar’s Sun and all people were eaten by jaguars (Wisdom). The second sun was the Sun of Ehecatle (God of wind) and people were destroyed by hurricanes. The third sun was the Sun of fire and people were destroyed by fire. The fourth sun was the sun of Water and a big flood destroyed humanity…

The fifth sun created the new people, but it is said that we, the children of the fifth sun, will be killed by earthquakes because the Sun of Motion is our sun…

Those tigers or jaguars eating people is a symbol of waise men. Let's remeber that Shiva in the Hindu tradition is seated on a tiger's mat.
People of the Third Sun was living in a continent in the pacific ocean. That was called the Lemuria. Some people believe the Okinawa's pyramids under the ocean of Japan are part of them.

The inhabitants of the Fourth Sun were living in Atlantis. It was a continent under the Atlantic Ocean. Part of it is in the Bimini islands.
Tenochtitlan was a great city and it gave to humanity a great culture and wisdom!

Lion, puma and tiger are symbols of fire and wisdom. According to the Aztecs it was a race of people that were eaten by tigers, but actually it means they were eaten by wisdom. the Aztecs had tiger warriors and they used to dress up like tigers. That was an elite of a high level range of Aztecs.

Lake Titicaca has a puma's shape and that is what Titicaca means. So, when they say they worshipped pumas, actually they worshipped wisdom.



THE INCAS AND CUSCO (Tahuantinsuyo)

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