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Mexico has many beautiful places; but CHICHEN ITZA (In Yucatan) is a real magical place, where you will find the genius of the Mayas. You can see here the Plumed Serpent (Kukulcan for the Mayas, TEPEU GUKUMATZ for the Maya-Quiche, Quetzalcoatl for the Aztecs), you will see the great pyramid dedicated to Kukulcan, the Astronomical Observatory, the biggest ball game of the Mayas, the Temple of the Warriors, the Temple dedicated to Chak (The Rain God) and more.

Chichen Itza holds many secrets. We will explain some of them here, like the relationship with the Big Bang and the String Theory, just keep reading to unfold those secrets.


This is a really nice and beautiful place; it is really worthy to visit! The magic of the Mayas is in that wonderful place. You can go in daytime, but at night time it is a show of lights and the story of the Mayas that you can hear nicely on the air (Literally). It is because on the show you see the Pyramid of Kukulcan and the Temple of the Warriors illuminated and someone tells the story that you can hear.

What does CHICHEN ITZA mean? I personally say: “THE MOUTH OF THE MAGICIAN.” Like Merlin when using his mouth to say his spellings! But actually, Chichen Itza is really deep and full of magic. Here, at Chichen Itza you can see Kukulcan (The Plumed Serpent) coming down to give life to the planet!
You really need a whole day to see this marvelous place and feel a special environment with a magical touch!

Kukulcan’s Pyramid (Called "El Castillo" by the Spaniards) is the main attraction, but...

...the site is big enough to enjoy other beautiful places, as the small temple dedicated to Chak (The god of rein), the Astronomic Observatory, the Temple of the Warriors and other things.

When we see the Mayan Astronomic Observatory we see how similar it is from the modern ones. I mean the architecture. The difference is: Modern ones have those amazing telescopes and Mayas did not have them. NO? How did they know about all the astronomical events of the modern era? How did they know about the specific date (December 21st/2012) when we will cross the Galactic Plane? Whatever they had one or not (telescope); the point is they knew too much!

Mayas were not barbarians who had an excellent knowledge of the stars and mathematics and physics; but actually they knew more than modern persons can understand. Oh, yes… They had human sacrifices and that is why they are depicted as barbarians. Did you ever find out how the human sacrifices started? Well, we will discuss that topic in other occasion.
CHICHEN ITZA, with its pyramid dedicated to Kukulcan, is magical place in Yucatan, Mexico. Nevertheless; this magical site has an obscure side because of the MAYAN BALL GAME.The problem is the misunderstanding about the THE HUMAN SACRIFICES.
We find the biggest court for that game here in Chichen Itza. The rings are so high that it does not match the rules of the game, so anthropologist think it was a variant about this game in order to accomplish the task of making the ball going through the ring.
When Spaniards came to Mexico, to Chichen Itza, the court was stained with blood! Was that the original porpoise of the game? Did the porpoise changed? If so, then why?

The players were not able to hit the ball with their hands or feet. The objective was to make the ball go through a ring on a wall. The winner (some people say the loser) was beheaded at the end of the game.
Nevertheless, this way to play the ball game does not match the dimensions of the court game in Chichen Itza. The rings are too high and there is no way to reach them without the use of hands, so there, an exception was made, they could use their elbows in order to hit the ball strong enough to go into the rings. Well, this is a way to hold the idea of a physical and brutal game!
When we understand HUMAN SACRIFICES were not part of the original teachings but, a distortion of them, then we understand the Mayan Ball game did not have that porpoise in the beginning.
According to ancient teachings all cultures pass through FOUR STAGES OR YUGAS (Gold, silver, copper and iron). The first two ages are nice; but the other two, specially the Iron Age, are the age of chaos and destruction. Aztecs were, when the Spaniards came, in the Iron Age and they became barbarian; but it does not mean they were always the same way. We have to mention that THE ELITE OF THE MAYAS WERE GONE when those men from the other side of the ocean came.
So all this stories about THE “BLOODY” MAYAN BALL GAME and the human sacrifices have a meaning , which was misunderstood when the Iron Age came.  We explain the meaning of the Human Sacrifices and we encourage you to read about.
Ancient Mayas, Aztecs, Incas and all culture had a glorious past; they had a glorious origin. Nevertheless, Saturn destroys everything and everybody, even his sons! Please refer to the four ages and you will find a section for THE SPACE-TIME MACHINE AND SATURN (Time). Link on the bottom.

One question: why are seven serpents (See picture above) coming out from the neck of the beheaded warrior?


One of the meanings of the serpent is energy that is vibration, sound. Sound or music has seven notes which are the seven basic vibrations of the cosmos. A big explosion (Fire and sound) put everything into action (into movement) when the universe was created. Well, that big explosion generated seven basic vibrations that are in every particle of the universe. Therefore those seven vibrations or energies are within all human beings; but people are so worry about their jobs and problems that they do not have time to study themselves!

We can see, on several statues of Buddha, those seven serpents on top of his head. It means Siddhartha Gautama freed those seven energies to become a real “Buddha.”

Usually, those seven serpents are depicted as wild ones. It is because not everyone can free them. Only those who have a real human heart, full of: Love, comprehension, tolerance, peace, compassion, etc. They are wild to those who try to awake their energies and are not pure of heart. You better do not try to raise them up if your intentions are not good; otherwise the power of them will destroy you. They are protectors of the one who release them, which is another reason why they are depicted so wild.

Let’s remember that we have seven chakras and they have different vibrations! The Kundalini was known to all cultures, including the Mayas, Aztecs and Incas. Whoever develops the Kundalini then he/she develops the seven chakras and those seven energies are freed!

So, the famous Mayan Ball Game is not a game at all; but the objective of life. The court represents life where we have to “play” the game (The game of life). The objective of the game is to behead ourselves; it is to change our negative thoughts for positive thoughts. It requires a real change within us in order to have a better life! Please check THE MEANING OF THE HUMAN SACRIFICES.

It is really sad to see people who believe the Mayas were savages and lovers of blood! They do not understand the real meaning of the myths and traditions of the ancient Mexico, of ancient CHICHEN ITZA, THE LAND OF THE KUKULCAN!

The Mayan Ball Game was not a deadly ritual, but a symbol of perfection! A real symbol that explains the meaning of life and the porpoise of our lives!

If you pay attention to the seven snakes coming out form the Maya warrior (Picture above), you will notice the one on the center is a plant which brings fruits and flowers. One of the serpent (to the right hand side) is gone because of time. You can see how something was there before though. Now you can understand it is not a physical sport, rather a spiritual game where those flowers represent the virtues of the soul and the fruits are the capacities which come from the chakras.

The time has come where those who develop real values and a good heart will be tested and only the brave ones will pass the test! The year 2012 is just around the corner; after that humanity will be tested. Years of change are coming, years of deciding if we want to continue as we are or maybe we want to understand the reason of life and become real humans

Kukulcan or Quetzalcoatl has three aspects:
One is the intelligent cosmic principle which created everything.
The second aspect is the Kundalini or inner main energy which must be developed within a special human being.
The third aspect is the person who developed that energy and therefore he is called Kukulcan or Quetzalcoatl. 

So, Kukulcan, in the third aspect, is a title given to a person. He is the one who came out from the serpent, form his own energies. It was not only one Quetzalcoatl. Actually it was a school to teach to become one. Nevertheless, it was not easy to become a Quetzalcoatl.  Please read the myth of Quetzalcoatl, link at the bottom.
Obviously, those teachings had to do a lot about meditation, control of the mind, Kundalini Yoga and more. Remember: NOBODY CAN DEVELOP THE KUNDALINI WITHOUT LOVE FOR HUMAN KIND. All the great Masters spoke about loving other beings. Buddha, for example, spoke not just about loving human beings, but even animals and plants.
AHIMSA, the philosophy of non violence, is part of all the Masters teachings.  What Masters, those who became Quetzalcoatl or Kukulcan; those who transformed themselves into real humans, full of love and comprehension for others.
How many secrets does Chichen Itza hold? How many marvelous things does it have? That is why it is a magical place and the energy in it is so special. Not wonder why thousands of people go to see it and feel it!

The more you know about Chichen Itza the more you want to be there! It is a place where you can enjoy and feel the energy of the ancient Mayas!

Remember: YOU NEED AT LEAST A FULL DAY TO ENJOY CHICHEN ITZA. It has many sites where you can spend time and learn a lot! Chichen Itza is a main place to go for those who love the Mayan culture. You will find the Mayan Observatory, the Convent (Named by Spaniards, but it was not a real convent), a small temple dedicated to Chack (The god of rain) where you will see on top of the door a priest seated in Lotus flower (Buddha’s asana or position to seat for meditation), the biggest court of the Mayan ball game (Please read the article: Human Sacrifices to understand it). One more reason to go to Chichen Itza is: UXMAL, another great site which is very close to it.

Science is developing really quick and I love it. We need a higher science and higher spirituality to achieve a better way of life. Neither science nor spirituality can give us a better life; but when they unify and understand each other then things change.
As long as science keeps trapped in the SPACE-TIME machine we are doomed to a subhuman type of life, which it is SURVIVING!

The main problem of modern science (year 2013) is the dogma of the SPACE-TIME machine. As long as we keep refuting what is beyond the five senses we will be a kind of primitive people with a bunch of modern tools.
Ancient cultures knew about the existence of other dimensions as proposed by THE STRING THEORY. Great scientist such as Brian Green and Michio Kaku among other ones are fighting to show the reality of other dimensions. I bet we will find them soon and I really hope so.
A framed mind is always closed to different ideas. Both, fanatic believers people and fanatic materialist have a framed mind. Neither one nor the other one can open their mind to new ideas, they want things to be according to their beliefs and theories.

Where do we get the idea that ancient civilizations new about other dimensions? ok, let's get into it!

WARNING: The following is not for fanatic people, but for those with an open mind. I am not interested in arguing or fighting. I believe all religions deserve respect. I just write what I believe and I respect your point of view. We do not need to fight for ideas, we need LOVE AND COMPASSION. If you do not have an open mind then stop here and go to look regular ideas that you will find in other places, but here.

The Big Bang does not make happy to everyone. Some physics know it does not explain everything. But, the String Theory explains a lot more, but there is a problem with this theory it goes beyond the realm of the five senses where not machine or tool can go to prove the reality of it.
Both theories accept a big explosion as the cause of the creation of the universe. This is the first point to check because the Genesis of all cultures talk about this point. How is that? Well, it is quite simple. Explosions have two elements: SOUND AND FIRE. All ancient civilizations worshiped the fire, right? Yes, they did. The sun was a representation of that "Creator." INTI, the golden sun of the Incas, was the main god for them. But the god of fire is presented on every single culture: RA among Egyptians, for example. We cannot forget Moses and THE BURNING BUSH and Christians usually depict their saints with a sun on their faces or behind the head, it is the halo of the saints.Even Jesus Christ is depicted with a sun behind his head.

So, all cultures speak about the fire as part of the famous "Creator" of the universe. But in India, they say, the sound "OM" or "AUM"  was the energy which created the universe. The Popol vuh, the great book of the Maya-quiche from Guatemala, says Tepeu and Gukumatz gather together to create the planet or the universe unifying their thoughts and their words. According to that book, they spoke and instantly everything was created! In other words, The Popol Vuh says the sound, which is energy,  created everything that exist. But, there is another book who millions read, but just a few understand: The Bible. John chapter one starts like this: "In the beginning was THE WORD, and THE WORD was with god, and THE WORD WAS GOD." So the Bible says the "Creator" of everything was THE WORD, the sound.

We know now days that sound is not mere noise or words, but actually it is energy. So, when scientists say it was something, in the beginning,  that exploded to create the universe they are right and the ancient civilizations knew it: THE SOUND AND THE FIRE are elements of " THE CREATOR."
Now, the Big Bang says it was something like a point that exploded, but the String Theory says it was a "String," that is why it is called THE STRING THEORY. Here is where this get more exciting...


We, modern people, have a wrong idea about ancient civilizations. They were greater than we think and they had a higher science than we have, for more about this subject check this article:


Studying our ancestors with the wrong idea will lead us to wrong conclusions. We need to open our mind to things beyond our beliefs and theories. Let's go to the facts: THERE ARE STRUCTURES ABOVE AND UNDER THE OCEAN TELLING US ABOUT A HIGH TECHNOLOGY USED HUNDREDS OF YEARS AGO (You can read about this on the article above).

There are many wheels in the Mayan structures, but we think they did not have it. Every Mayan ball game has these wheels, as one in The Mayan Ball Game at Chichen Itza (Please see picture on the left). More over, the game required a ball. So, how is possible they did not have the wheel? Well, they said Mayans never used it, but the real question is: Did they need to use it on the way we use it now or they have another way of moving things? The answer is up to you.

The matter is simple: The serpent, you can see it right on that wheel in the picture, represents the energy. Remember: Sound, energy, use waves to move, like a snake does. For more information about the meaning of the serpent please check the link below about the meaning of the serpent.

Now, according to the String Theory, inside quarks and electrons it exists a vibrating string (That is why it is called the String Theory). In other words, everything exists thanks to that string, thanks to the serpent. When this string vibrates it creates the different things in space: atoms, particles, etc. In other words, matter is just vibration. Matter takes the form and consistence of a specific vibration. But, here is something more interesting: THE STRING THEORY SPEAKS ABOUT OTHER DIMENSIONS BEYOND TIME AND SPACE!


Yes, there are other dimensions beyond the Space-Time Machine. The whole universe lack sense without a intelligent principle or conscience force. It has many names according to the different cultures and languages, but at the end it is the same.

When the Bible says the planet was created in seven days it is telling the truth, but not in a literal way. We have to understand what it means. Not even you was born in seven days, how could the planet be formed in just a week? It took you nine moths to come to life and planets are made in millions of years. so, how it is said it was made in seven days?

How can we understand things without imagination. IMAGINATIONS IS A POWER. That is the eye of the artist and the vision of philosophers. Our mind, as it is now days, is not enough to understand the reality of the universe. We need a special vision, a special point of view. Minds programed to see only the physical world are trapped into the Space-time machine; but one day a great invention will let us see beyond our own nose. Patience is needed, but I think it will be invented very soon.

Sound, energy, has seven levels, right? Yes, music has seven notes. There fore there are seven basic vibrations. Each vibration is a dimension. The seven vibrations are part, at the end, of the great serpent. This great serpent is called MAHA KUNDALINI. The seven vibrations formed MAHA KUNDALINI. Each vibration is represented as a day. So the seven days of the Biblical Creation are representations of the seven vibrations. Four of them formed the Space-Time machine (space has three dimensions and time is the fourth dimension).

What all this has to do with CHICHEN ITZA? Very simple. The great serpent is depicted in KUKULCAN'S PYRAMID. You can see in the Equinox of Spring how Kukulcan comes down to the planet to give it life. Then you can see a plumed serpent with seven triangles of light: the seven basic dimensions or seven days of Genesis.

Those seven triangles represent the forces of the universe in each dimension. They represent the trinity of the Mayas, the three hurricanes. The Mayas said they were one and as the one they called it: THE HEART OF HEAVENS.

Remember: The Creator has two elements: Sound and Fire. Kukulcan is formed (See picture) because of the movement of the sun. Actually Kukulcan is made from the light coming from the sun, it is Kukulcan is fire. Its mouth is wide open because is making sound, it is making the OM or AUM sound. So Kukulcan is the energy which created the Universe!



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